Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why Luneta Park?

Some of my visitors might wonder why I chose to name  this blog LUNETA PARK ONLINE. Initially, I decided on using titles based on my nickname JUN.  Junesis was my first choice but it is already being used by another blogger. I thought of the title Junagenda but the word agenda has a negative connotation like personal agenda or political agenda.

Then I thought of some names that would reflect all the things I like to write. I settled on the current name for the following reasons :

1. Luneta Park is the premier park in the Philippines. Any Filipino who have gone to at least grade 3 would have heard of the name. So there is name recall.
2. The park is strategically located within Manila, the capital of the Philippines. This blog site is first a Pinoy site and most of its contents will be about the country and its people.
3. It is a beautiful park frequented by majority of Metro Manila's population. Who would not like to be a blogger whose site is frequented by many visitors?
4.  As a park, it has ample spaces for rest and recreation. Hopefully, my visitors would find this site enjoyable and contribute to developing peace - both inner and outer. I want to cater to the needs of seekers, searchers, and dreamers.
5. The park is a showcase of the country's history and cultural heritage. This blog intends to showcase the same things.
6. Many major activities of national significance are held inside the park's premises. I intend to post events here.
7. There are many tall buildings near the park. I would like to relate the words 'tall' and 'buildings' to success in business which will be the aim and at the same time become the content of most pages of this blog.
8. Finally, inside the park is Kilometer Zero. This spot is the starting point of road distances in the Philippines. I would like to extend the distance to all corners of the earth where the Filipino diaspora can be found.

Zero has many implications so does the term 'starting point'.  At this stage in my life, it is as if I am starting from zero. From nothing, the world was created as claimed by some books.

Pero hindi naman lahat ng post dito ay puro seryosong usapan. Sa katunayan, katatapus lang ang isang palabas na circus sa Luneta. At kapag kayo'y namasyal doon, makakarinig kayo ng maraming halakhak. At syempre, marami ding picture-taking bukod pa sa nagpipiknik.

In short, ang maaasahan dito ay mga kaba-blog-gustuhan tulad ng history, culture, politics, photography, food, fashion, spirituality, jokes. In other words, anything goes. (Iyon naman pala.)

Kung may censored please do not run to the MTRCB.  Kung may plagiarism, kindly whisper it to me. Pero hopefully wala. Kung may kabastusan, okay lang iyon. Sabi naman nila beauty is in the eye of the reader.

But after everything is said and done, gusto ko may kita. Dito ako masaya kaya suportahan niyo ako! he he he. Iyon na iyon at salamat sa pagbisita.

P.S. Sana huwag masyadong i-focus sa writing style o sa technical aspect of writing. Hindi ito thesis. Sabi nga ng iba, "write to express, not to impress." But I would gladly welcome any notice of correction especially sa grammar or on erroneous facts.


  1. nice evening...great site you have here

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  3. ayun naman pala ang dahilan bakit Luneta Park eh...ang lalim ng pinaghugutan, hahaha!

    you will always have my support as you did to me...

    kamamadali ko kahapon manood ng sine, di ako nakapag-GFC follow sa iyo, ayan pang-10 na lang tuloy ako

    genuine land reform program is one of the solution of landlessness and poverty, yah...PNoy should kick off this program at their Hacienda

  4. Okay lang yung title mo Jun, ang cool nga eh! Thanks for sharing some interesting facts about Luneta Park. Followed you through GFC. Thanks for dropping by my site.

    Have a great day! :)

  5. Ngayon ko lang nalaman yung tungkol sa Km 0. Buti na lang ginawa mo ito. Makakatulong ito para makamit natin ang...World Peace. =)

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