Monday, December 12, 2011

Chief Justice Corona Is Impeached by The House of Representatives

Today, the lower house of congress has secured a majority to sign an impeachment complaint against Justice Renato Corona. I think this is a sad day for Philippine society.

Here are my reasons why I call it sad:
1. This is the ultimate case of disunity among Filipinos. Imagine two co-equal branches of the government fighting each other?
2. Speaker Belmonte admitted that the impeachment of Corona was ordered by Malacanang. Oh my God, so the house of representative is not a co-equal branch, it is just really a rubber stamp of the present President. Dear Congressmen, are you so afraid of the president that whatever he wants, you follow willingly?
3. Most of those who signed were former supporters of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and are now members of Liberal Party, the party of the president. Talk of political butterflies or in local parlance, mga balimbing!
4. From hereon politics will take center stage. We will again  witness a political telenovela which has nothing to do with improving the lives of the Filipinos but would only cause more division.
5. All three branches of the government will now be focusing on the impeachment and no longer on governance.

I cry for my beloved country, for the poor Juan De La Cruz, and I long for a change in Government!


  1. so... you do not approve the impeachment!
    i support the ouster and have a different view on the impeachment of CJ Corona

  2. Yes Reese, I don't support the impeachment because I am fed up with politics. I am for unity that would lead to economic development that ultimately benefits the ordinary citizens.

    Although I did not vote for Pres. Aquino, I supported him initially but when it is now obvious he is not doing anything for the poor, I am now asking him to shape up or give up.

    With regards to Corona, it will just start a new vicious downward spiral. Ang gulo talaga!

  3. hi! can't visit your other blog. it says"
    The requested URL could not be retrieved"

    but we have to be heedful in politics...

    unity cannot be achieved in this present society, oo may unity - unity of the ruling class against the majority of the Filipino people

    tama ka, after corona, another vicious downward spiral...and the recent regime will ensure that the Supreme Court is a pro-Aquino, kanya-kanyang rehimen iyan eh to protect their interest