Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Walang Natira by Sheng Belmonte and Gloc 9 (With lyrics and Video)

Wala nga bang natira sa ating bansa? Talk of brain drain has been around for a long long time. And yet the exodus continues with government support. 

I for one, is thinking seriously of leaving the country. I had a golden opportunity before but I thought it is better to stay here in the land of my birth. Now, I might join the nag-aabroad.

Thanks Sheng and Gloc 9 for this wonderful song. The lyrics says the right things!

 Sheng Belmonte


  1. I don't understand the lyrics but the melody is certainly very nice!

  2. parang pamilyar sakin si sheng...

  3. i think there's nothing wrong with working abroad. it's just that when we are newly-grads, we tend to be more nationalistic.

    in fact, i strongly suggest that as soon as someone finished his/her studies, it's better to go abroad asap if he/she has the chance.

  4. I like the song. Realistic talaga.

  5. the problem there in our country that I observed and based also on my experiences when I were there is that most of the employers are more concern of your age not your capability to do the job. here even you're already 75 or 80 years old as long as you're healthy enough to do the job they're surely gonna hire you. i hope the way of our govenment will change so we don't have to go so faraway from our family just to seek a job.

  6. i love this song, ganda ng lyrics eh...