Friday, November 18, 2011

Natori Boutique Opens in Metro Manila

I open a new blog with a fitting first entry - the success of a  filipino fashion designer. Her name is Josie Cruz Natori. She is the woman behind the global fashion brand Natori.

Last Wednesday, the first Natori boutique outside the United States was opened at Rustan's, right here in the land of her birth - the Philippines. The store offers items on lingerie, high fashion, beddings,  fragrance and ready to wear clothes.

Josefina Cruz Natori is a Filipina who was born in Bulacan in 1947. She is a scion of Felipe Cruz, the founder of the construction giant FF Cruz. She attended Manhattanville College in the United States and later worked as an investment banker. In 1972, she got married to Ken Natori, another investment banker like herself. Then in 1977, she went on to become a fashion designer full time.

For her success in entrepreneurship, Ms. Natori was awarded the BPInoy Award in 2008 by the Bank of the Philippine Islands. Previously,  in 2007,  she was awarded the Order of Lankandula,  one of the highest civilian awards in the Philippines.   Also in 2007, Natori received the "Peopling of America" Award from the Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation. (Source :


I say this is a fitting entry because I really wanted this new blog to be a success, just like the Natori brand and the person or people behind the company.

And so I would like to dedicate this blog to all successful Filipinos here and abroad. I hope to be a messenger of success and in the process inspire everyone and not just my fellow Filipinos.


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