Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Google Search

I am having a big big problem with this blog. I do not know why this blog is Restricted by robots.txt such that googlebot can not crawl it.

I checked the settings of this blog and allow search option is a yes. So what is the problem? Anybody out there who can help me with this technical problem?

I also made some inquiries in webmaster tools but to no avail. I found out there are others who have the same problem as mine.

At blogspot, I understand the robots.txt is autogenerated. A user may not revise it. But why should blogger generate a robots.txt that would restrict the crawling of my site?

To be included in google search is very very important if this blog is to have more visitors.


  1. many are experiencing the same problem with you,
    one solution is, you must be diligent blogwalking, visiting other blogs, commenting on other blog posts, and leave your blog URL in the comments box :)
    as I do in your posts

  2. i remember a post that discussed this, it said that robot.txt does not blocked actually, this is only to prevent duplication otherwise there are many links in your blog which have the same content. this should not be a problem, your blog is still indexed by search engines...

  3. @Hariyanto, Thanks for visiting and commenting. Yes, you are correct. There is no substitute for deligence.

    @Reese, Siguro nga. Nakalagay kasi sa Webmaster ko na Crawl Error eh. Sige, mag-post na lang ako ng magpost then I'll see what happens after around three months. Thanks for the advance.

  4. visit your site back jun,
    i agree with Hariyanto that you must blogwalking to another site, make the unique visitor to your blog.

  5. Hey Jun, leaving your links like what Hariyanto did does not do much as blogger by default has a 'no-follow' attribute here on the comments' section. What you can do is try to force google to crawl your site, I think there are tutorials online, go search for it. Link with other blogs too. BLogwalking is a good way to generate traffic, so when google detects that you got traffic, it will index your site.

    Have a great day! Thanks for visiting my blogs. I always return the favor especially for people who takes the time to read and take interest on posts.